May 22, 2024

Budget-Friendly B-B-Q Restaurants in Lahore

Lahoris are well-known throughout the world for their gastronomic character and variety of delectable foods. We’ve come to tell you about the best and most affordable restaurants in Lahore. Given that it’s spring and the nights are windy, we need some BBQ that’s not only delicious but also inexpensive. Here are some of our favorite barbecue restaurants in Lahore. We have amassed the adoration of thousands of devoted customers who desire the real Pakistani flavors that only bar b que can provide!

Find the top restaurants in Lahore and have a great time with your family, friends, and coworkers.

Lahore’s Best BBQ Restaurants!


Dera is located in Gulberg III, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore. They are committed to offering a wide range of high-quality traditional foods, as well as a variety of Chinese dishes. A wonderful menu created based on the preferences of the people of Lahore. Dera also serves a variety of freshly cooked desserts, including the most delectable and tasty desi firni served in toothi and traditional Peshawari Kehwa. Dera is also regarded as one of the most classic and long-lasting titles for bar b que parties and gatherings. Try their typical Bar B.Q. and love it.

Tonight is Bar B.Que night

Bar B Que Tonight is located in DHA Lahore’s commercial sector phase-iii. Lahore has always had a very diverse food scene, and with the introduction of Bar.B.Q Tonight, it began to adore the flavorsome atmosphere even more. With the passage of time, the metropolis of all-things-food has become a home for everyone. People from all over the world like Lahore’s food and praise Lahoris’ efforts to make it more appealing. Bar b que tonight delivers the best bar b que in town and has quickly become the go-to spot for bar b que parties and gatherings.


The Lakhnavi is located in Garhi Shahu, Shahrah-e-Quid-e-Azam, Lahore. This historically named location appeals to Lahori culture’s North-Indian taste. They offer the bar b que in an Indian style, hence the moniker Indian Bar B.Q. This is an ideal location with a diverse menu that changes on a regular basis, as well as high-quality and fresh food. Customers also enjoy their murgh pulao, murgh ghilaffi (kebab), and Sultani daal. The beautiful ambiance of the lakhnavi attracts guests, and it has become one of Lahore’s top-notch traditional eateries. The lakhnavi is a low-cost and excellent bar-b-que restaurant in Lahore.

The Food Souq in Dervish

Dervish is a cuisine souq restaurant on Barki Road, near Park View CHS in Lahore. It is one of the nicest outdoor restaurants in Lahore, with a serene, pleasant, and clean ambience. The food souq combines many cuisines and traditional foods under one roof. It’s a great place to have dinner with family and friends. Visit Dervish the food souq and taste their classic style BBQ at a very reasonable price that will fit into your budget.

Chargha Pyaara

Pyaara Chargha is a restaurant on Temple Road in Lahore. It is well-known among Lahoris, who see it as one of their favorite eating establishments. Pyaara Chargha not only delivers the best bar b que meals in Lahore, but they also serve world-class malai and cheese botti. You couldn’t get enough of their bbq dishes. Visit and experience the joy of taste and quality all under one roof.

Restaurant Sultani Ann Pani

Sultani Ann Pani is a restaurant on Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road in Gulberg, Lahore. It is well-known for its cultural ambiance and authentic Indian cuisine. A good option for those on a tight budget in Lahore. They have multiple branches in Lahore and serve excellent traditional bar b que. Visit and sample their classic dishes as well as their distinctive bar b que in a desi manner.

Visit and experience these low-cost eateries in Lahore with your family and friends to make them happy. If you know of any other amazing and affordable bar b que restaurants and venues in Lahore, please let us know in the comments area.