April 22, 2024

Footwear for Your Children During Winter? Let’s Keep it Simple

Britain’s Winter can be difficult for children who aren’t properly prepared with well-made shoes.

Boots for kids and wellies, and waterproof shoes are the best way to go in the Winter months. Wellies are great for walking through puddles or splashing through rivers on a country walk but they will also keep your child’s feet dry on rainy city streets as well!

Boots are a great option for kids, to keep their toes warm and safe in icy or snowy conditions. Football footwear is popular in the UK. Whether it’s for playing football or training, football boots for kids are a must-have for any aspiring young footballer. Football shoes come in all different styles and colours so there is something to suit every child!

There are lots of different styles on offer and sizes that will grow with your child.

Let’s look at the popular brand choices

Start-Rite shoes for kids are the perfect option for little feet. They are designed to look great and be comfortable as well as safe and practical too! There are lots of different styles on offer, from classic lace ups through to smart school shoes.

Start-Rite began manufacturing children’s shoes in 1792. Over the years, they have continued to grow and develop specifically with little feet in mind—from infancy all the way through adolescence

The wide variety of shoe sizes and width fittings offered by Start-Rite makes it easy to see why start-rite shoes are so popular, as well as a favourite among royals. This is your best choice for pre-walker and pre-school styles for your toddlers.

Merrell shoes for kids are designed to stand up to the rigours of Winter outdoor play. They’re a great choice for active little adventurers who need shoes that can keep up with them. Merrell’s kids’ shoes come in a huge range of styles, colours and materials so you can find something that suits your child’s personality and lifestyle perfectly!

Trainers are a go-to shoe for modern kids

They look great, are easy to wear and keep feet protected from the elements. There are a great range of trainers for kids by leading brands such as the aforementioned Start-Rite and Merrell. Choose from chunky Velcro fastenings or lace up designs and get ready to hit the playground in style!

Trainers are the most popular type of shoe for children. They’re a great choice for Autumn and Winter wear because they can be worn with jeans, trousers or shorts. A good pair of trainers will help your child run, jump and play whatever the weather.

Some are more appropriate than others depending on age group. If they’re too tight, they can cause discomfort; if they’re too loose, there may be an increased risk of injury due to slipping off when running around outside.

Boots to keep kids’ feet warm

Boots are a must-have this season. They give your child’s wardrobe an instant upgrade and make any outfit look put together. You can choose from ankle boots (our favourite), mid-calf boots or knee-high boots depending on the weather and climate you live in.

Shoes for the first baby steps, that’s pre-walkers you need

After months of crawling, sitting, and rolling around on the ground, your little one decides it’s time to stand up. 

For babies who are still learning to walk, what is the best option? 

Always go for pre-walkers as your toddler will need to have soft steps at such a young age. Once they’re cruising, pulling themselves up on anything and everything in order to move about, something more sturdy will be necessary.

Pre-walkers with rubber thick soles prevent your child from slipping when stepping on wet surfaces like puddles or icy patches on the ground!

Wellies, Rain Boots & Snow Boots

Wellies keep your kids’ feet dry and are not just for the outdoors. Boots for kids are great for school as well.

Perfect for when they walk around in muddy puddles or splash through puddles in the park on a rainy day,

For rainy days, we love these Baby Bogs wellies for kids and Start-Rite wellies, and Chipmunk.

With all those exciting colours, textures and patterns out there, it can be tough to know what will fit best in the colder months.