June 15, 2024
unable to read encrypted email outlook

Why Users Unable to Read Encrypted Email Outlook?

Why Users Unable to Read Encrypted Email Outlook? Solving Antivirus, Add-ons, Microsoft Security Essentials issue.

If you’re looking for a solution for those Unable to read encrypted email Outlook? If yes, then stop here you are in the right place. Go with this blog and you get a complete and reliable solution to complete your task in a very simple manner. So, we will discuss the solutions to solve the error.

In this blog, we are going to describe the basic steps to read an encrypted email. It describes how to disable anti-virus protection to read encrypted Outlook email. Therefore, the truth is that sending and receiving encrypted emails is a very difficult and incredible process. As a result, few organizations regularly encrypt email. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Most of the users don’t understand what encrypted mail is in the first place, So they assume that security service is not for them. Email encrypted in Outlook is the process of scraping the content of an email message.

Therefore, the recipient also needs the key to recreate the message. The encryption as locks and keys as a way to access the information. The content of the encrypted message is accessible to individuals without the key. And, if you have a key, you can easily access the message. 

Unable to Open Encrypted Email Reasons

There are many issues in Outlook due to enabling the integration of the virus scanner, So it is recommended to disable it. Exported errors such as 0x80004005, 0040109, 0x80040119, 0x80040600, 0x80040607, 0x80048002 are caused by the interaction of the virus scanner enabled. The most common issues you encounter relate to the process of sending and receiving emails, timeout issues, etc.

Following methods to disable the virus scanner integration with your Outlook email program:-

Uninstall and Install Antivirus Application: If you need to completely uninstall your antivirus software and then reinstall them. In addition, if your virus scanner company provides an additional cleanup tool, you will need to run it. Therefore, users can be careful not to install the email scan part during the installation.

Use Microsoft Security Essentials: However, if you have a virus scanner that cannot integrate with Outlook, or if you see the various alters such as Microsoft Security Essentials can be used as a suitable alternative for free.

Disable Outlook Add-ins / Plugins: The virus scanner may appear as a plugin in Outlook. In such cases, you have to remove it by disabling the specific plugin. However, the antivirus and Windows can generate security alerts if a certain scanner tells Windows to do the same. 

Disable Add-ins / Plugins in Microsoft Outlook

How you disable the plugin depends on which version of Outlook you are using. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to be performed in Outlook 2013 version:-

  • Firstly, go to File from the Menu Bar.
  • Now, Next and click on the options tab
  • In Outlook Options, hit on the Add-Ins Option
  • Then, Next, Disable Unwanted Add-ins or Antivirus
  • Outlook is unable to read Encrypted Emails.

Smart Solution For Unable to Read Encrypted Email Outlook

PST File Recovery Software is the perfect solution to read and open Outlook emails from PST files even damaged, encrypted, corrupted, and others also. It can View PST file data items including emails, contacts, and calendars without Outlook installation on Windows OS.

This program is supported by Windows OS 11 (64-bit), 10, 8.1, 8, & 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, 2016.

After understanding about software, now let us move towards its working steps to make users’ queries easy and simple.

Working Steps of the Software

Follow the working steps for solving an issue of being unable to read encrypted email Outlook using the tool:-

Step 1: Download and run the software on your local system.

Step 2: Now, Search for Outlook PST Files & Add Recovery

Step 3: Scan PST Files as per Quick or Advance Scan Mode

Step 4: After that, click on Export to Save All Recovered Outlook Files

Step 5: Finally, select Destination Location & Click on Export Button

Author Suggestion

In this article, we have discussed why we are unable to read encrypted email Outlook? Here, in this post, you can easily disable Microsoft Outlook. The inability to open the encrypted Outlook email is also mentioned. Using the best solution for opening the protected and damaged Outlook emails is also mentioned. Read the blog, for more details on your issues.