June 15, 2024
Five Printer Hacks

Five Printer Hacks Worth Knowing

The process of purchasing a printer is simple. How do you maintain them however? Understanding a bit more about the way your printers function will go a long way in their maintenance. These are five hacks for your printer which will not only help you maintain printing equipment, but will also help you make life easier.

Storage The Cartridges Separately while moving

When you’re moving homes or moving your office from one from one office to another might occur a moment when you’ll need to move your printer. If you are moving it is essential to pack your printer properly. If you have an inkjet printer, remove the cover on top of the printer and take out each cartridge to prevent spills of ink. Keep them in their original containers in the event that there is one available. If not, place them up in individual bags that can be resealed to hold any ink that could leak out. But, if you deliver the cartridge upright, spills of ink are not a concern. Contrary to ink which is a liquid substance, laser printers come with toner cartridges. Toner is a dry powder and therefore, it’s not required to remove the cartridges of toner when transporting.

And, if you are unable to perform the calibration process single-handedly, get hold of a reliable printer repair expert.

Paper Jams are often caused by a poor quality paper

The issue of jammed paper has become a typical issue with printers, and persists despite advancements in technology. It is commonly believed that the printer is responsible for the jam in paper. But, the truth is that jams in paper usually occur due to the paper. Particularly, paper that is not of good quality. Printers are extremely specific devices that require everything to be in place to function properly. If your printer is jammed often, you may have paper of poor quality which isn’t properly cut. The paper that is cheap also retains moisture, which can cause curled edges. Additionally, it tends to break off and this “paper dust” can build up within your printer, causing jamming.

Printing Errors Caused by Dust

Are you experiencing frequent errors in your printing device? It could be caused by dust! The second leading cause of printer malfunctions. Certain kinds of papers produce more dust than other papers. To prevent the build-up of dust, it’s ideal cleaning your printer every month, and preferably with an air compressor. But, be extra careful and ensure that the canister is in a straight position when cleaning. If you tilt it, it could result in condensed air spraying over the printhead, damaging it during the process.Otherwise, you can also look for Hp Printer Repair Technician .

Avoid Stale Ink By Using Your Printer Regularly

In the case of inkjet printers, old ink is among the most frequent issues. The inkjet printer is not used for long durations and will cause your cartridges to run dry. Dust could even build up on the nozzlesand clog in the printer’s cartridges. This can render the ink non-useable. The best way to prevent stale ink from appearing is to make sure you use your printer frequently- at minimum, once per month. If you don’t have anything you want to print, just run an experiment print to make sure that everything works well. This issue is not applicable to laser printers as the cartridge toners consist of powder, which means there’s no chance of drying out.

Save Money in Black Ink By Changing The Font

Have you ever heard that certain fonts consume less ink than other fonts? It’s true! Fonts that are lighter and smaller tend to utilize less ink because of their thin strokes and smaller surface area. For instance, Times New Roman is an efficient ink font. Century Gothic uses 30% less ink than Arial! This is an excellent way to reduce ink usage, particularly when printing large quantities of products.