June 19, 2024

Can You Learn Femininity?

Femininity is a complex concept. It cannot be described in two words, whether it is elegance in clothes, perfume, make-up, beautiful gait, ability to love, or anything else. And, in truth, many modern women do not consider themselves feminine at all. And this is very sad.

I’m sure there are three main ingredients that create a sense of femininity. Raising the mother, the views of the women around, and the views of loving men.

Momー is the only person who forms the basis of femininity, like a father for a son ー masculinity. The main thing that a mother can do to bring up femininity in her daughter is to be a woman herself. This is what the girl reads. An ideal upbringing does not exist, as well as ideal people. Nevertheless, if you are a mother and are raising a daughter, then keep in mind that she will draw femininity from you.

Women among women. Sisters, girlfriends, models, and celebrity actresses are inspired to try something new. Women learn from each other, exchange impressions, express their feelings, attitude to their bodies, and perception of themselves … But the most important thing is that you should draw inspiration from other women, you should not be ashamed, because it is this process that supports femininity in the world.

Men are the world in which femininity is sharpened and generally finds “practical application”. It’s hard to deny. Sexual experience is another key to realizing your femininity. The woman feels that the other person recognizes her in all her physical and emotional uniqueness. But this does not mean that you need to live your whole life in pursuit of the opposite sex. Enjoy yourself, live for your pleasure and develop ー this is what attracts men.

It seems to me that the most important thing is to understand that femininity does not fly somewhere in the clouds or in your apartment, it is not reflected in the mirror and does not dazzle on the covers of magazines. It is within you. And the point. If you relax and truly feel feminine, you will become so in the eyes of others.

What do you think about this? Where to look for the root of femininity?