June 19, 2024
Woman is Cheating

6 Signs That a Woman is Cheating on You

  1. You are not aware of what she is now passionate about, what worries her, what makes her happy. Gone are the heart-to-heart conversations that she loved so much when your love story was just beginning.
  2. Your sex is matrimonial. There is nothing to say about him (as about a dead man).
  3. She stopped telling you about things that do not suit her in your life together. You don’t fight anymore.
  4. You live in the same territory, because it is convenient, without interfering with each other and having little interest in each other.
  5. You yourself have forgotten the last time you made her a pleasant surprise. But flowers for March 8 are sacred. As well as the cheesecakes she makes on Sundays.
  6. Your woman seems to you a long-read book. Nice, but so boring and predictable …

As long as a woman values ​​relationships, you will never know about cheating. The exception is the use of special equipment and professional surveillance.

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If you find out about treason, it means that the woman is ready to sort out the relationship and gives you the last chance, provoking actions that will prove that you care. Few people cheat out of a desire to hurt their partner. But, even if this is the case, the desire for revenge does not arise out of anywhere and without your participation. Loss of intimacy is a “merit” of you two.

She changed. You – found out. It hurts both. And this pain gives strength in order to finally interrupt the routine that is boring to both.

When relationships are hanging by a thread, we begin to understand how important and dear they are to us. And suddenly there are strengths to talk, scream about yourself, about your desires, about your feelings. Screaming so that your partner can finally hear.

This means that you are no longer bored. Passion turns on, desire turns on. Therefore, many couples have been playing the exciting catch me game for years. Awareness of the risk of losing a relationship leads to the fact that we no longer consider our partner to be our property, a familiar accessory.

The depth of your pain and indignation is also an indicator of how dear this woman is to you.

You get a chance to understand how much she needs and how much you need her – and freedom of action. If the relationship has exhausted itself, you just leave. If it is dear and necessary to you, if it is mutual, you will overcome this test. Finally, hear and forgive one another. Understand the perspective of your relationship. Agree on how to achieve common goals without repeating past mistakes. And you will go. Together.

Cheating is very painful and very difficult. But each test we overcome together is a resource of strength for the relationship for the future. This opportunity is given to those couples where both partners allow themselves to realize their own responsibility for what happened. Instead of getting hung up on convenient labels like “whore”, “womanizer” and other easy and superficial ways to get away from real awareness of the reasons for what is happening.