June 19, 2024
Instagram Secrets

Top Instagram Secrets and Trends

To get you 100% interested in using Instagram, I’ll tell you some insights: the likes will be hidden for prying eyes (and have already been hidden to some), but they began to develop a new technology: the finger will vibrate when you put a new and new like. Feel the responsibility and find new delights of social networks.

What myths everyone should forget in 2020, and what Instagram secrets should be remembered.

Myth number 1

You need to post to Instagram at a certain time.

Not true.

There are no confirmed stories. Publish at night, content is good or not. Profile – either popular or not.

Myth number 2

Post more Stories to be successful.

Not true.

Stories must be sure. This is an indicator that “everyone is at home”, you can go to the profile and everyone is alive. More than 10 story story fragments tire any modern person. Even more than 7. Ideal: 3 dynamic stories, of which 2 are videos, each with an explanation of why to watch it, with a useful phantom, irony. Interactive and gif are desirable. Maximum of the game.

Myth number 3

Nobody reads the texts.

Not true.

The texts are read to the end if they are intriguing, useful, ironic, easy to read (divided into blocks) with a captivating title. Storytelling is still alive, feel free to use it.

Now for the secrets that will lead your channel, your profile, or your company profile to victory.

1. Video. IGTV

This Instagram channel is especially fond of. Video formatted to full screen of your phone, convenient because it simply does not need to be flipped. Instagram prefers to show others your IGTV – videos over 1 minute, some popular accounts allow you to publish hourly videos. It’s like watching YouTube without leaving your usual lukewarm Instagram. This is what it is designed for. Instagram is developing a video platform, because nowadays video is everything.

2. Moderation / communication / responsiveness

Friendly behavior in networks is a prerequisite: do not leave comments and Direct unanswered in personal accounts, quickly respond to requests in commercial accounts. The one who is considerate of others wins. In company profiles, it is important to work out the response scenarios with the desired tone, sincerely thank users for the marks.

3. What to do to view the story

The attitude towards processing and the presentation of visuals in the story has become as important as the design of the feed. Stories are not info-trash. This is a concise overview of your life. And it should be interesting, the content useful so that subscribers stay interested and don’t miss the next events. Most people do not include sound when viewing stories, and this should be remembered and, accordingly, accompanied by a text explanation. Add as much video and interactivity as possible.

For subscribers to watch your stories: explain, play, process and choose the right content presentation.

4. Working with bloggers (influencers)

The heyday of the era of influence of influencers on social networks is observed in all geographic latitudes, including Ukraine. Use this channel to promote your ideas, business. Bloggers became more selective, even learned to cheat with statistics, but nevertheless, their influence remained. It’s a good strategy to pick a lot of micro-influencers, but it doesn’t replace working with big, popular influencers.

5. Where is the money? How to monetize your personal profile, how much does it cost and how much can you earn?

Monetization directly affects the sales of your business. Through the personality of the owner or other employees of the company’s team, you can influence the image, sales, and other processes. Save on ads from bloggers, develop your profiles.

Advertising is synonymous with income. If you are an influencer, you may be offered to advertise something and get paid to do it. This is already a normal practice: they pay officially, they offer not only eyelashes or cheap goods, there are also offers of ambassadorship for large and influential brands.

With a well-developed brand in the networks, you can start a new business, sell almost everything using your own profiles, even merchandise (if you are very popular).

Personal brand monetization can be done in different ways: books, public speaking – your popularity is converted into profit.

6. Contests/giveaways – what is it and how to use it

There are two types of contests and giveaways. Either you organize them yourself, give a prize, or you are a sponsor of another person’s competition. In any case, this is the tool that significantly increases the number of subscribers. Forge the iron while the givas are there. Followers are like social currency. If you have 500 followers, okay, you’re good, but few people will pay attention to you on the networks.

After they give, there is a risk that part of the audience will disappear, this is true. There is also an opinion that the activity decreases significantly immediately after they give. But the reality is that follower count is an external attribute, like a Rolex or a Porsche, and they are extremely important in this area.

The story about gives is long, in the Telegram channel and on my Instagram I tell about them in more detail.

7. UGC, SMO – for people and for business

Briefly about what business profiles need to know. Maximize user-generated content by sharing featured content. Also, be sure to post links to your network’s inconvenient places in the office / online – creatively design them in the form of photo zones and with convenient transitions. Does it make sense to go to Instagram today? You will have time, the competition is great, but there will be enough space for everyone.

For several years now, conversations have not subsided: how soon will these social networks exhaust their potential and shut down? Typically, such negativity comes from those who are lazy to set up communication there and learn new profile techniques.

It is unlikely that Facebook (and with it Instagram), Google, YouTube will lose their leading positions. But new networks will definitely appear that will offer new communication opportunities and change the algorithms of work for both bloggers and subscribers.

It’s time to go beyond Instagram. TikTok breathes in the back. The Chinese social network is the worst nightmare of the CEO of Instagram at the moment.

Going to TikTok is essential to keep yourself updated on new trends. In this network, you don’t have to be able to use all the trendy niche stuff. It is important to try the functionality and understand how it can be applied in other social platforms. Soon, Instagram promises to launch scenes in response to new trends. This is a tribute to the popularity of TikTok – creating completely identical functionality for users. Showing part of your life or the life of the company with the power of this network is the right approach.