June 18, 2024
Pastel Manicure for Winter Mood

Snowy, Tangerine, Coniferous: Pastel Manicure for Winter Mood

Halloween was celebrated, we said goodbye to the golden autumn – it’s time to choose New Year’s gifts and create a snowy fairy tale for ourselves (it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing like in Moscow this week or not). In addition to tangerines, garlands, and scented candles, themed manicures can also give a winter mood – for example, in pastel colors typical for this season. No, we are not talking about white and blue manicure “snowflakes” because, in winter, there are many bright colors – a cozy yellow lamp, shiny green Christmas trees, and pink cheeks from the cold. The cutest options are in our selection!


Do you like delicate manicures but are already tired of the bland jacket or simple white varnish? Then it’s time to try something from pastel shades – lavender, warm yellow, muted blue, matcha tea, or other combinations. Monochrome coating or nail design – here, everyone decides for himself. You can do a French manicure with pastel tips or turn your nails into a palette of pastel shades where one color will blend into the next.


Many people think that pastel manicure, by definition, cannot be bright and catchy, but this is not so. There are a huge number of options for spectacular designs with pastel shades. One of them is an abstraction, which looks very colorful with the right combination of lines, shapes, and colors. This type of manicure is unlikely to be repeated at home, but an experienced and interested nail master will probably only be happy to practice his skills.


Variations of an unusual nail design with shades of pastels are countless: it all depends on the client’s imagination and his manicurist. You can decorate several nails with cute designs, try to inscribe an animal print into the nail design, or make a jacket with pastel tips obliquely. Do not be afraid: the more unusual the idea is, the more interesting its implementation and final result!