June 24, 2024
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Reviewing Theta platform 2022; is Theta Coin a good investment?

Reviewing Theta platform 2022; is Theta Coin a good investment?

The credit for massive traffic goes to video-sharing and streaming platforms. YouTube, one of the popular big streaming popular is the one that garners immense profits. Still, there are not many content markets that can contribute to the growth of streaming services. So is it possible to expect a fairer system? The answer is yes, and it is the Theta platform that we are going to discuss in this article. 

It aims to resolve this issue with the introduction of a decentralized video streaming network. Theta does initiate the distribution of rewards between the viewers and content creators. Users who contribute to making the online video industry get accessed by everyone can experience profit here. 

How Theta platform revolutionizes video streaming?

Theta platform is a network that deals in decentralized streaming and content delivery. The main objective behind it is upgrading the quality of delivered content and lessening the time taken in video loading. The foundation of this project was done in San Francisco by a firm named Theta Labs Inc. $20 million is known to have been garnered by the team in the token sale five years ago. It was the first investment made. 

The emergence of the Theta platform

The emergence of the Theta platform came during the crossing of blockchain technology and streaming at a time when it was clear. There has been growing interest in the peer-to-peer networks, plus, there are persisting issues in concern with video platforms that need to be resolved. Some of the main include:

  • The video quality relies a lot on part of the world that one is living in. Some regions experience poor buffering and trouble during the uploading of the content. 
  • Videos ranging from 4000 to 8000 are in much demand. But due to pathetic delivery, it irks the users when they try to access them but are unable to do so. 
  • Taking the case of the famous content delivery and video-streaming platform, YouTube, content creators, and viewers do not get an ample share of advantages from their activity.

How Theta resolves this problem

  • Theta comes intending to resolve the problems with a decentralized P2P service that rewards viewers and content creators with rewards in the following ways:
  • When consumers explore the use of the Theta platform, or with some bandwidth that has never been used before can earn TFUEL tokens as rewards. 
  • Being a decentralized structure, the users around the globe can have access to the content equivalently to content and similar video loading time. 
  • The cost for this streaming model is not higher, so you won’t find the need of having costly hardware for powering streaming. 

Anyone keen on music, live streaming, and eSport can make the best use of the Theta platform. Decentralized applications can be created by developers here as it is supportive of smart contracts.

The team behind the co-foundation of Theta

The team behind the co-foundation of Theta are two people, named Mitch Liu who is the chief executive officer, and Jieyi Long (chief technology officer). Both of them reconsidered the streaming of video running in a decentralized network. Theta team comprises around 21 managers, engineers, and developers. Dozens of investors have come in support of this open-source platform. It includes big tech firms and venture funds like Samsung and Sony. 

Theta takes pride in having panel advisors that include the top professionals from Twitch, Sony, Verizon, and Microsoft. Steve Chen, who is behind the co-foundation of the video streaming platform, YouTube has also come in the support of Theta. He is optimistic about the successful revolutionizing of the video industry by the latter platform. 

Kudos to the quality of the image which is much better. The cost of content delivery is also low. Theta has also partnered with major companies like NASA and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Not just this, but even the popular celebrities like Katy Perry have also applauded it. 

Launch of ThetaDrop

Theta comes with a published roadmap on its official website. Last year, the launch of ThetaDrop, an NFT marketplace came as an incredible accomplishment. Incorporation with the Ledger wallet that supported the THETA token also cannot be missed. 

Theta plans for Q1 2022

TDROP, a newbie token would be launched with the motive of promoting NFT liquidity mining and also decentralized governance. 

Planning for a cross-chain bridge will be going live. This will enable DEXs, the decentralized applications based on Theta and Ethereum, and non-fungible tokens to work in conjunction. 

NFTs are to be stored by Elite Edge Nodes after getting the opportunity for it. 

For Q2 2022

  • Launching of the NFT platform for P2P video sharing in beta
  • Introduction of a Live experience video streaming platform
  • Major improvements in Edge Streaming Nodes

Is Theta a good investment?

Now the question is whether Theta’s native crypto is good for investment or not? The answer is yes, of course. By the end of 2022, the price of THETA might reach $5.7221. Having shown its reliable worth, it does sound bullish. The Theta coin price prediction for 2025 is $2.85.