June 24, 2024
Cannabis Product.

Making The Perfect Packaging Boxes for Every Type of Cannabis Product

There are many types of cannabis products that require packaging, but each product has its unique requirements. Whether you are selling pre-rolled joints or vape pens, it is important to make sure your packages are properly sized and printed with the correct information. Cannabis retailers need to consider how they will be transporting their products before choosing a box for their items.

If you are looking for the best way to package your cannabis products, here is some helpful information. We will discuss which size and shape of box from which Source to use based on what product you are selling and how you plan to transport it.

Types of packaging boxes for cannabis:

Cannabis boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Retailers should choose the best one based on what product they are selling, how much it weighs, and how they plan to transport their items.

One way cannabis producers can package their products is by using novelty cardboard pipes. These containers have an open end where you put the product. There is a flap that covers the top, so nothing spills out or leaks through small holes. These containers are good for lighter items like pre-rolled joints or vape pens because people want to be able to see what’s inside when they look at them in stores or dispensaries. Other types of containers are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the perfect one based on what product you want to store.

For heavier items like flower or edibles, plastic bags with a see-through window make for great packaging options. You can put an individual item or package of multiple products in each bag. Then you would close it by pulling a strip over the opening and sealing it securely with tape, staples, or even heat sealers if needed. These bags come in a variety of sizes that correspond to how much the particular product weighs.

What Type Of Cannabis Products Require Packaging?

different types of cannabis products have different packaging needs. The size and shape of the cannabis product will determine what type of packaging should be used. The three main types of packaging include:

Each has its own particular set of requirements for customers and retailers alike. You must research the best method to package your products before you start spending money on supplies.

A Basic Guide To Marijuana Packaging

These Accurate boxes are a popular choice among dispensaries because they offer ample space for branding and an attractive look. These boxes do not fit vape pens well, but work great for pre-rolled joints, loose flower products like topicals, or concentrate such as rosin chips or shatter. You can get them in any color combination and even clear options depending on how much branding is required.

Packaging for hemp products:

For hemp products you want to use a packaging box design that’s less flashy, yet still provides necessary information. This is where the two-piece box comes in handy. The clear window means it can be seen from all angles, and there are no additional embellishments or texturing.

Packaging for CBD Products:

CBD oil products should always have lab test results readily available on the packaging itself so any customer can see them. These boxes also contain more branding than their hemp counterparts because of their smaller size. That being said, the customization options are nearly endless with these little gems! 

Packaging for Concentrates:

There are many different types of cannabis concentrates, each requiring its custom packaging upon which you can build your brand. Hash is one of the most common types of cannabis. When you make it, it will be in a bar shape and have a nice smell. At the store, you should buy labels that fit the size and shape of your bar. Some packages even include labels with pre-cut perforated edges so they can be removed cleanly after opening!

Packaging for Edibles:

Cannabis edibles are notoriously delicious treats that come in many shapes and forms. The packaging required depends heavily on what type of edible you’re manufacturing. In general, it’s best to have some sort of easy-open container that includes several smaller containers inside along with lab results from its contents.

Packaging for Tinctures, topicals, and other cannabis liquids is much simpler. Like with vape cartridges, it is best to use a plastic bottle that will prevent light from penetrating the product. This can be achieved by using transparent or amber-colored bottles made out of HDPE plastic. Don’t put childproof caps on your bottles of cannabis liquid. This is because there is no risk that a person will eat the liquid. However, it doesn’t hurt to add them. On the bottle, you should include how potent it is since people who buy the liquid might not know what they are buying. You should use soft plastic bags when you put cannabis oil in a bottle because this is an oil-based product and glass bottles can break easily.

Soft Poly Bags

Shrink wrap and or heat sealers are both incredibly useful for packaging cannabis products of all types. Shrink wrapping is a way to make a product look different from other products. This helps keep the branding for this product the same in everything made by this company. Heat sealing is a way that keeps food fresh and prevents it from leaking out of the container when it for usage.

What are the disadvantages of not packaging cannabis products?

If a cannabis product has no packaging and sold in its original container with all the warning labels, it becomes hard to control dosage and regulate consumption. Without packaging, one can never be certain how much they are taking or what they are putting into their body. There may be many creative ways of reusing packages such as baggies or glass jars for storage, but these items do not offer the same safety assurance as professionally-made containers designed specifically to package cannabis products.

The final thought:

Packaging is an essential part of the products as it’s a cover for any of the things present in the market. It also helps in protecting the product from dust or any damage. It’s very necessary to make good packaging for cannabis products.

Throwing away the used packages is not at all an option if you are looking forward to making a change in your life or you are just trying it out for once, buying disposable plastic bottles would be the best option in packaging company.