June 15, 2024

Check out your favorite athletics championships or competitions.

However, in order to achieve these goals, the different characteristics of the sports market must be taken into account.

Here we show you what’s most important.

What is the difference between a fan and a buyer? First, a very clear distinction needs to be made between fans and customers in the concept. If you don’t understand this, you can exit the game. Customers are people who find the economic and beneficial benefits of your product or service.

The purchase decision is in most cases based on these two criteria.

If you buy a product that meets the customer’s expectations, you are more likely to have a good brand image and buy the product or service again. This is due to the loyalty between the customer and the brand. Instead, the decision of a team’s fan or follower of a particular athlete is based on completely different criteria: Some fans on the team have been supporting them since birth, as have their parents and ex-grandparents.

They did not choose to follow that team at their own discretion.

It’s hard to tell if you don’t feel a hip color in your blood. The main difference between 해외축구중계 and “traditional” marketing is building a fan base, not the customer.

Some fan features:

Fans refer to the team or athlete they are watching. This brand concept is very strong and people are affected by the behavior of the team and all players within the team, especially through the social networks of the team and / or players.

Fans are likely to be encouraged to buy products related to the team or athlete they support just because they are related to their god: sports equipment, clothing, apparel, etc … This is a very valuable item – important to consider. Strategic phase. The team or athlete he supports is a social aspect of his life: he spends a lot of time talking about the team, the players, the achievements, the signatures … Wow, everything around him. So it can be said that the fans are great evangelists for the athletics club.

Product dependent industry

The strength of the sports industry is the strength of the big economy and the big audience. But it can’t be all rose beds, can it? Sports betting can be a weak point on the economic side. Investing in a club, athlete, or sports league can be risky for many brands, as sports scores can vary depending on the season. Of course, to avoid that risk, you can (almost) invest in a successful brand every season: Real Madrid, Barco, or Golden State Warriors, to name a few. But of course these are very expensive investments and not everyone can afford them.