June 18, 2024
Custom cardboard boxes

Why are Cardboard Boxes Used for Packaging?

For any business, the manufacturers need to keep their products well-protected. Nowadays, just preventing damage doesn’t do any good for your packaging. You must remember the aesthetic qualities, environmental effects, and functionality of your packaging. 

This is the reason why many companies are switching to cardboard postal boxes for packaging goods. Cardboard is a high-demand packaging solution. It offers great product protection, aesthetic potential, and environmental credentials. This is why cardboard packaging is popular globally. 

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In this blog, we will look deeper into the qualities of cardboard boxes. 

Cardboard boxes are versatile

There is only a handful of packaging material that can adapt into different shapes and sizes. Cardboard rolls, despite being a rigid material can have multiple uses. 

Some brands use corrugated double wall cardboard boxes to store perishable items (fruits, medicines, dairy, etc.) They have an abundance of use even after packaging. For instance, some clothing brands use cardboard as temporary hangers. 

They can be used to pack oddly-shaped products like perfume bottles, candles, cosmetics, etc. 

They are cost beneficial

Cardboard rolls are extremely lightweight. This means that cardboard boxes do not add much weight to the overall package. 

The lighter weight makes it easier for companies to ship more products at once, making it cost-effective. You save a lot on fuel and transportation costs are highly reduced. 

Additionally, smaller companies can buy cardboard postal boxes as it is viable and cheap. Expensive packing isn’t an option for start-up businesses or small companies. Cardboard, being a durable packing supply, is available in stores. You can buy in bulk at a low cost and make your profit margin higher.

They are durable

Cardboard packaging is designed in a way to protect the most fragile items in the market. And it does the job excessively well. 

These cardboard postal boxes have two layers of cardboard and are often filled with corrugated material in the middle. The middle layer helps to prevent any damage by creating a springy cushioning layer in the middle. It endures scratches, dents, knocks and moisture damage to some extent.

They are eco-friendly 

A huge advantage of cardboard packaging is that they are eco-friendly. Apart from the fact that they are recyclable, they are also biodegradable. You don’t need special treatment to disintegrate them. Simple composting does the job. 

In the U.K., around 70% of packaging suppliers stock recycled cardboard supplies. Most councils have pickup programmes where they take these boxes to recycling units. There the cardboard is recycled to make newer packaging materials.

This is good news for conscious buyers who prefers cleaner products and ethical brands. Cardboard packaging helps to keep the carbon footprint low and builds a more sustainable, eco-friendly brand that customers naturally find appealing. 

They make ideal packaging for branding

Due to being so versatile, cardboard packaging can be a best friend for brands. It is an effective packaging design. So, smaller brands can just put their logo and shipment details. 

While bigger brands can transform the colours, add graphics, to create a more customised packaging. Cardboard, although looks dull, can be transformed into vibrant packaging with the help of vibrant colours, graphics, calligraphy, and logos. 

How to ensure that the cardboard packaging is strong?

A lot of it depends on what items you are shipping. If you are shipping clothing and shoes, you don’t need extra-strong corrugated cardboard. 

Whereas, if you are shipping fragile items like glass, Chinaware, electronics—it is best to invest in high-quality cardboard postal boxes from reliable packaging suppliers like Wellpack Europe. 

Also, it depends on where your shipment is going. If you are a company that ships internationally or nationally, it is better to invest in good quality packaging. 

If you think you need extra protection for some fragile items, insert cardboard pieces into the packaging. The wrapping technique should be clean and tight. When items move inside the boxes, chances of damage are inevitably high. 

Before shipping, inspect all the cardboard boxes thoroughly. Check any signs for rips, tears, or moisture damage. Change the boxes if you feel they are going to break. And do not use old boxes to ship your products.