May 19, 2024
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What Particular Deeds You Should Perform During Itikaf in Ramadan?

Muslims tend to perform Itikaf in the blissful month of Ramadan. It is indeed a hectic Ibaadah that one opts to undertake for the sole purpose of pleasing Allah Almighty. Muslims really love performing Umrah in Ramadan but what most people do is avail last 15 nights Umrah packages. First, they spend time performing Umrah in the state of fasting, after that they prepare themselves for Itikaf. It is such a great Ibaadah and a person receives unlimited rewards for taking part in it. But some people are unaware of the deeds they are required to do in Itikaf, some of them are mentioned below:

Pray 5 Times A Day Regularly

All Muslims are required to pray 5 daily fard (mandatory) prayers, which is clearly anticipated during Itikaf. It is also recommended that Muslims perform the Sunnah prayers in addition to the fard prayers. One should not miss Namaz in any case.

Pray Nawafil

Itikaf is an excellent time to perform Nafli Ibaadah. It is a voluntary Ibaadah that holds greater blessings.

Learn & Memorize Hadiths

Invest more time reading and remembering Sahih (genuine) hadiths. Furthermore, evaluate their significance and how to utilize them in your everyday life.

Perform Taraweeh Prayers

Throughout Ramadan, this is the prayer that follows the Isha prayer. Based on who is conducting Taraweeh, it might range from 8 to 20 rakahs. It allows you to listen to and understand the entire Qur’an during the sanctified month of Ramadan.

Recite and Comprehend the Holy Quran

Reciting and interpreting the Qur’an is yet another way of praising Allah. Study its Tafseer to better understand the teachings of Islam. Additionally, learning to remember and concentrate on tajweed means the correct pronunciation of the Qur’an.

Do Dhikr

Dhikr means “remembrance.” Itikaf is just about remembering Allah (SWT) and increasing your degree of taqwa. Do different Dhikr’s as much as you can in order to gain unlimited rewards from Allah Almighty.


Make a list and recite different duas. Also, make duas for yourself and your loved ones, beg Allah (SWT) and ask forgiveness for all your sins.

Things to Carry with You for Itikaf

Following are a few of the things you should bring with you for Itikaf:

  • Books of Hadith
  • Tajweed-related materials
  • Different clothes
  • Notepad, pencils, or pens
  • Cloak and pillow (for your comfort)
  • Qur’an and its translation
  • Tafseer books