July 19, 2024

Sports Injuries

What Are Some Common Sports Injuries And How To Avoid Them?

Playing sports is fun and brings a great percentage of athleticism to your body. However, playing the right does not guarantee an injury-free time and career. Over time or due to sudden change in your routine brings common sports injuries to the front. But in general, they go away by simple treatment and through remedies that you can apply simply. In essence, sports personalities do not rely on remedies but on quick actions whereas some prefer rehab options like https://avinpatel.co.uk/sports-injuries/. For each issue regarding sport and injury, we offer an elaborative guide. 

  1. Knee Injury 

Presently, no sport does not involve the use of knees to some extent. Even snooker involves using knees when playing high-risk shots. In essence, sports such as cricket, football, hockey, badminton, and tennis especially require your knees to be fit. But these same sports can cause your knees to suffer damage and injury due to overburden. In essence, some athletes undergo changes in their shoes and soles often. It is a primary source of causing your knees to behave differently. Although using anti-inflammatory medicine is good, try to avoid changing your shoes and soles often.

  1. Shoulder Injury 

Often weightlifters and wrestlers report shoulder injuries since taking weight over this region is common. However, sports such as rugby, tennis, and cricket make excessive use of your shoulders. Thus, you will find it difficult to cope with a quick action once your shoulder feels injured. To avoid these injuries and to find a quick cure, you must stretch well before undergoing gym sessions. And during injury, take a break from heavy lifting and excessive use of your shoulder. Rest, everything will be handled by proper medication and injections. 

  1. Achilles Tendinitis 

With the load of activities that athletes undergo, this injury is becoming common. It occurs at the back of your ankle and mostly it comes from jumping sports and those that want your body to jump often. In essence, this ankle injury is common especially in gyms since people have to work out mostly while using the entire foot area. Thus, the occurrence of achilles tendinitis is becoming common. At best, avoid every running and excessive walking activity. Use proper medication and rest to heal swiftly from the injury. 

  1. Concussion Injury 

Sports that involve a heavy jolting of your body can cause you to suffer from a concussion. A concussion is an injury that results when your head suffers a sudden but mighty strike. Presently, numerous incidents occur in cricket where the batsmen suffer from hard cricket balls striking their skull where the helmet protection does not reach. The most famous incident was the death of Australian cricketer Philip Hughes due to a heavy concussion. When you suffer from such an injury, and you feel dizziness alongside disorientation, avoid every activity and rest for longer. Take proper medication and rehab that the doctor prescribes. 

  1. Ankle Sprain 

Injuries around the ankles are common, especially in team sports where running is common. Sports such as football and cricket alongside hockey require a team to operate quickly in certain conditions. For this, there is a need to turn, twist, and move swiftly and often vigorously. In such circumstances, often your ankle does not respond to this sudden change well. And you suffer from an ankle sprain. But being common in sports, you can easily cure it by taking a rest and slowly moving your ankle over time. This movement keeps the blood flowing and prevents your ankle from getting numb. 

  1. Tennis Elbow Injury 

The name does not suggest that this injury only occurs due to playing tennis, but it is just a reference name. The injury occurs when you stiffly overuse your elbow. Often, overloading your elbow will be enough to cause you a tennis elbow injury. It happens on the outside of the elbow and causes your elbow to suffer pain, especially around the joint bone. In addition, to avoid and prevent its expansion, rest is the first medicine followed by good physiotherapy. 

  1. Pulled Muscle 

We are not sure if it is nowadays an injury or just a simple pull since it is becoming common. Sports such as football and cricket involve players suffering from pulled muscles. It happens especially during the game and very often after or before it. And the muscles undergoing pulling include the calf and the hamstring. Moreover, doctors explain that a pulled muscle is the most painful experience for a player. It is since in most cases, they cannot properly walk while exiting the field. 


Playing sports feels like a healthy activity and an active treatment for your body. However, you need to keep your body excellent by avoiding injuries. Injuries will remain part of the sports world, but all you can do is use a quick rehab therapy and rest mechanism to avoid and delay them.