July 11, 2024
Best Business Ideas

Top 20 Best Business Ideas for Women and Girls

What can a woman do in the conditions dictated by 2021? What business will be interesting and profitable? How can a girl succeed, enjoy and profit from what they do? We tried to answer all these questions and help everyone who decided to start their own business. 

We did not consider startups, as this is a perishable product: interesting ideas today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, we offer ideas for a real, “earthly” business, which will be relevant in crisis and post-crisis times.

Business idea for women and girls in 2021: TOP 20 best business ideas

  1. Opening of the salt cave. This is the most female business. Children and their mothers visit the salt caves, with whom it is easier for women to find a common language. This is not an energy-consuming business: the halogen generator does all the work, and you get the money. Well, finally, it is rather non-trivial, and therefore profitable, even in small towns.
  2. Sale of decorative and care cosmetics. It seems that this is a trite topic, and there can be nothing new in it. But this is not the case. This is a niche in which to try new things. For example, you can search for effective products from different countries, make home cosmetics, sell high-quality budget or expensive products. You can sell online or through a retail outlet.
  3. Manicure salon. This is a rather profitable occupation. The main thing is to consolidate the glory of a specialist with whom it is pleasant to talk, who understands the consumer. Even in times of crisis, women want to be beautiful, so this business is booming.
  4. Fresh bar. The sale of freshly squeezed juices and cocktails based on them fits perfectly into the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle, which is now in trend. This business is good because it does not require large investments. Plus, they’ll pay off pretty quickly, thanks to the premium on drinks and the ease of making them.
  5. Opening of a flower shop. This is a fairly traditional business for women. At the same time, despite the market saturation, it is free for fantasies and creative searches that will help stand out from competitors. It will take less than 400 thousand rubles to open a small store.
  6. Studio. If you have experience in sewing, this is a great opportunity to start your own business. You don’t even need to rent a room for this: you can organize your business at home. In this case, even 100 thousand rubles will be enough.
  7. Rent of dresses. Many girls are interested in this, so with attention to detail, a business can be profitable. You can promote online, on social networks. The costs will be recouped after five orders.
  8. Sale of handmade knitted items. Hand-knitted items are back in trend. Here it is important to choose your niche and offer a unique product. You can knit not only clothes but also butterflies, laptop cases, and much more. You can promote and sell products through social networks. It’s better to do it on Instagram.
  9. Business on Instagram. This can be both blogging and maintaining other people’s business accounts, helping in the preparation of content, etc. The uniqueness of this social network lies in the variability of earnings: everyone here can find a place for themselves. 
  10. Selling caramelized fruit or frips. These are easy-to-prepare and popular sweets sold at city fairs, specially equipped retail outlets, and on the Internet. Moreover, caramelized fruits are sweets that both adults and children alike, and frips are suitable even for those who follow the rules of proper nutrition. 
  11. Sale of handmade business boards. Educational toys are popular among young mothers who want to raise healthy and smart babies. They can make them themselves, but this takes time, which young mothers do not have. Therefore, they will be happy to buy a bright business board made from safe materials. The toy is made in a day, while the costs are minimal. The mark-up can reach over 300%.
  12. Making unusual candles. This is more of an additional income than a business. However, if you supplement the direction with new ideas and expand production, it can be profitable. It is important to work out a unique proposal and think about how to increase the business’s profitability at the same cost.
  13. Sale of women’s clothing. Even fierce competition does not make this business less relevant. The new store will easily find its audience, provided the original assortment, interesting promotions, and offers. Selling women’s clothing is an interesting area, in which 400 thousand rubles will be enough for development.
  14. Sale of stylish jewelry. Making and selling designer jewelry is a fascinating process. Many combinations of materials, shapes, and colors allow you to create jewelry that is not inferior in beauty. These things must be designed, not streaming, so they are suitable for lovers of uniqueness. The extra charge for jewelry can be up to 300%. At the same time, a very small retail space or an Instagram account will be enough for sale.
  15. Carrying out mobile wedding organizations. Women combine delicate taste and organizational skills that are needed when organizing weddings. Offsite registrations and outdoor weddings are popular now, so there won’t be a shortage of clients. The main thing is to be attentive to the matter, because a wedding is an important day, and if your fault ruins it, you can forget about a successful business.
  16. Yoga studio. This option is for those familiar with this topic. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to find the appropriate personnel, choose a room and purchase inventory. All these complexities aside, this business can be quite stable: selling season tickets for several classes can provide a regular income.
  17. Baking cakes. This is a home business that does not require the cost of renting premises and purchasing inventory. The main item of expenses is products and materials for decorating cakes. Success factors are the uniqueness of taste and design, as well as competent marketing.
  18. Hotels for animals. In general, this is a fresh version of business in the UK, which has not yet had time to plunge into fierce competition. In addition to overexposing animals, you can help with bathing, shearing, treating them from parasites, etc. It is important to love animals and be able to handle them.
  19. Home beauty salon. Here you can do everything from manicures to hairstyles and makeup. It’s just a matter of skills, from costs – the purchase of consumables and equipment. Also, in the early stages, additional training may be required.
  20. Web or graphic design. Suitable for creative people who like to draw and visualize ideas. Here you will have to spend money on a powerful computer, licensed programs, and training. We’ll have to try to develop a client base. At first, you will have to take cheap projects for your portfolio. Later you can increase the price tag.

Tips for Women Starting a Business

There are no universal tips for starting a successful business. However, there are general-points that should be considered for those focused on making a profit from their business.

  1. If the business needs physical space, take care of the location. It should be located where your audience is most likely to be. At the same time, there should be a good transport interchange and parking. 
  2. Competent design. At a minimum, there should be a sign on the building where you are located. 
  3. Service. No assortment will help if the attention to the consumer is inattentive, he is uncomfortable communicating with the staff, he is not satisfied with the quality of service.
  4. Advertising. It is worth doing it even before opening. Even the online format is enough.
  5. Website or social media presence. Now everything is searched for on the Internet. Users want to get to know you before they come to you. Do not deny them this pleasure.