May 18, 2024

Remove Dandruff By Using A Shampoo For Oily Scalp

Noticing dandruff on your scalp is a common issue these days. Dandruff can sneak up on you when there is a change in your diet, climate and hair care products. The nasty white flakes attack on the scalp of your head, making your scalp inflamed and irritated. You keep on scratching your scalp due to the presence of dandruff. If you see the color of the white flakes is yellow and dandruff gets adhered to your scalp, then you should know that you have oily dandruff. It is important to know that the oily dandruff is caused by a yeast called malassezia. Using the best shampoo for oily and dandruff scalp can erase oily dandruff effectively from your scalp. 

Note About Oily Dandruff 

Oily dandruff is also popularly known as seborrheic dermatitis which is basically an inflammatory scalp condition where your body overproduces skin cells and sebum in a specific area of the scalp. When your body overproduces skin cells in a certain area of the scalp, then your scalp starts to flake. The excess oil is known as flaking skin which sticks to the scalp. Oily dandruff may give rise to tenderness and itchiness on the scalp. When oily dandruff is produced on a large scale, then it goes beyond the hairline and makes you suffer from hair loss.

It is due to the secretion of sebaceous glands that secrete excess oil which is the cause of the growth of malassezia yeast which in turn speeds up the process of shedding dead skin cells. 

Signs And Remedies 

Prominent signs of oily dandruff are the white flakes will seem to be yellow in color and sticky, your scalp will be oily and the white flakes seem to be larger in size. 

If you have oily dandruff, then you should use an anti dandruff shampoo that has an oil balance formula. You should keep your scalp clean once or twice a week. Never use a shampoo which has harsh chemicals which will lead to oily dandruff. Make sure to remove oil and dirt by washing your scalp properly and then massage your scalp with the best quality medicated shampoo. Avoid using low-quality anti dandruff shampoo which will cause more problems to your scalp. The more you use low-quality anti dandruff shampoo, the higher are the chances of developing dandruff. Also you should avoid using hair care products to stop dandruff eruption on your oily scalp. 

Use The Best Antifungal Shampoo 

To get rid of oily dandruff, the best dandruff shampoo for oily scalp can come to your great help. This effective medicated shampoo has ketoconazole as its prime ingredient which kills malassezia yeast from the scalp. Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic dandruff problems, using this mediated shampoo can erase the issues of dandruff.

When you use the anti dandruff shampoo on a daily basis, you will be successful in eliminating oily dandruff once and for all. By using the anti dandruff shampoo, you will not feel your scalp inflamed and itchy anymore.