April 23, 2024
Bathroom Mold

Homemade Solutions to Get Rid of Bathroom Mold 

The bathroom is a space you require to be clean, hygienic, and worth spending time on. This is where you usually start and end your day with a moment of rest and self-care. Do you allow to compromise on your bathroom space? Of course not. The bathroom is the place where you clean yourself every day, so of course it is important that this place is clean. Your bathroom is stuck with mold, and you wish to get rid of it as soon as possible. You can create a friendly bathroom environment for your visitors and your family. All you need to do is remove the unwanted stuff from your bathroom and eliminate the accumulated mold. This will ensure the place to be clean and neat, which also have some huge health advantages. Some simple steps can be taken to make your bathroom a comfortable space, free of mold and dirt. 

Step 1: Make a Solution 

Vinegar is the best liquid for non-toxic cleaning solutions. You can make a mold removal solution with white vinegar. Pour the vinegar liquid into a spray and use it over the surface. Don’t dilute the liquid to extract the best results. Also, don’t rinse it after use. The smell might be unpleasant but evades after 1 to 2 hours of usage. 

You can use a borax solution; it is a natural mold remover. It is a fungicide and an insecticide used to eliminate mould in the bathroom altogether. Mix borax with water in a specific ratio and pour it into a spray bottle. Like vinegar, spray the solution over the mold surface and do not rinse it after use. Borax can be challenging to find, but you can find the powder at grocery stores. Remember, it is dangerous if consumed. 

A bleach solution can also be used, but keep it as a last resort. Bleach is quite effective at killing mold from some non-porous surfaces like basins, showers, or tiles. The ratio of bleach and water should be 1:10. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and use it over the surface. Do not rinse it after spraying. Use gloves while using bleach and keep the area ventilated to keep away from the fumes. 

Step 2: Using this Solution

Spray the solution over the area you wish to clean. Check for a visible and even coating over the mold surface. Do not saturate the area thoroughly. Apply enough solution to get the area adequately wet with the liquid, but ensure there are no bubbles formed. Wipe off the surface with a clean cloth to remove the mold. Change the fabric throughout the process to ensure proper mold removal. If you prefer a sponge over a cloth, you can go for it. Be double-protective with smooth surfaces like tiles and showers. 

Try using a scrubbing brush to get rid of stubborn mold from surfaces. Scrub the area vigorously to get better results. You can use a toothbrush to scrub the grout. It prevents mild spores from reaching every part of the bathroom. A larger scrubbing brush can be preferable for a larger surface area. After scrubbing, dry the area with a clean brush. 

Final Verdict

Bathroom mold can be an unhygienic and unsightly thing to witness every day. It needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to keep your house clean and presentable for your visitors and, of course, for you. There are some easy homemade solutions used for eradicating bathroom mold. Try to look at them and implement them for your household purpose. This will ensure that you can enjoy your bathroom again.