June 15, 2024
Current Newcastle chants

Current Newcastle chants

Chants for players usually involve witty or celebratory lyrics set to a recognizable tune. Fans often create these chants to show appreciation for a player’s skill, dedication, or memorable moments on the pitch. If you are looking for current Newcastle chants that have gained popularity recently, we recommend checking this blog for the best knowledge.

Newcastle United, with its passionate fanbase, is known for its vibrant atmosphere during matches, fueled by enthusiastic chants that resonate throughout St James’ Park. Football chants are a crucial part of the fan culture, and they often evolve based on the team’s performance, players, and memorable moments. While it’s challenging to capture every single current chant, here are some popular ones associated with Newcastle United:

1.     “United, United”:

It is a straightforward chant expressing unity among the Current Newcastle chants and their support for Newcastle United. This one is a constant presence during matches, creating a sense of solidarity among the supporters. You may often listen to this chant while watching a live match.

2.     “Howay the Lads”:

This classic chant is a rallying cry for the team. The phrase “Howay” is a Geordie term meaning “come on” or “let’s go,” and it’s often heard echoing around the stadium as fans urge their team forward.

3.     “Toon, Toon, Black and White Army”:

The nickname “Toon” is derived from “Town,” and this chant emphasizes the black and white colors of Newcastle United. It’s a spirited declaration of loyalty from the fans, affirming their commitment to the team.

4.     “Geordies, Geordies”:

You can say a simple yet effective chant celebrating the identity of the Newcastle supporters. The term “Geordie” is a colloquialism for someone from Newcastle, and fans proudly proclaim their Geordie heritage in this chant.

5.     Player-specific Chants:

  1. “Oh, Alan Shearer”: A legendary figure in Newcastle’s history, Alan Shearer remains an icon for the club. This chant pays tribute to the former striker, the Premier League’s all-time top scorer.
    1. “Saint-Maximin”: Allan Saint-Maximin, known for his flair and skill on the pitch, has garnered his chant. The melody may vary, but it typically involves celebrating the French winger’s impact on the game.

6.     Mocking the Opposition:

Like supporters of any other club, Newcastle fans enjoy bantering with rival teams. Chants directed at opposing players or teams can be humorous or more pointed, depending on the context of the match and the rivalry.

7.     “Everywhere We Go”:

This chant is not exclusive to Newcastle but is a staple at football grounds across the UK. Fans sing variations of “Everywhere we go, people wanna know, who we are, where we come from,” creating an infectious rhythm in the stands.

It’s important to note that chants can evolve quickly, and new ones emerge based on current events or standout performances. The examples provided offer a glimpse into the rich tradition of chanting at Newcastle United matches, showcasing the unwavering passion of the fanbase for their beloved club. Undoubtedly, all the chants are created to motivate the team and also add a fire in the audience.