May 22, 2024
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Am I more at risk if my relatives have cancer?

What strikes your mind when someone mentions cancer? Obviously, the word cancer alone can send shivers down our spine. This is very true because cancer can cause death when someone gets it. In fact, you can ask a doctor about it and they will tell you that cancer is the second leading cause for death in this world. Such as the effect of cancer in our society. There are a lot of types of cancer, the most common one include lung cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer and also vaginal cancer. Cancer is caused by mutation to our DNA or genes, causing our normal cells to turn into abnormal cells. So, is this disease caused by genetics? Are you at a risk of having cancer if your relatives have cancer? To answer this question, simply read this article until you finish so that you can understand more and gain a better insight about cancer disease.

             It is true that the chance of you getting cancer will increase if your relatives do have it. The chances might increase more if those relatives are your first degree relatives. Meanwhile, the chances will be less if it is from bigger relatives, such as second or third degree relatives. So, why is that so? Why is there a relationship between cancer and relatives? The answer lies in genetics. Each human in this world is born with their own unique genes, or so called DNA. These genes might be passed down from generation to generation with minimal alteration. This is also the main reason why our face and features remain somewhat identical to our relatives. So, if you have relatives that have the cancer gene, there is a possibility that this gene can be passed down to you. In other words, yes, having a relative with cancer might increase the possibility of you getting cancer.

             However, there is also a possibility that some normal genes that were passed down from your ancestor might mutate and turn into cancer genes. This condition usually happens during our life and can be caused by a lot of factors. The main major cause that can develop cancer genes is smoking. Cigarettes contain a lot of harmful substances in it, so it is not surprising if it can cause some diseases. Smoking is usually associated with lung cancer, mouth cancer and also esophageal cancer. The other major cause is radiation. Any person that is exposed to radiation especially for a long time period might develop cancer. This is because radiation has the ability to turn your normal cells into cancer cells. Hence this condition will cause cancer to grow inside your body. So, always Maintain your health

             Cancer is of course very dangerous and many people fear it. But, it is also worth noting that the number of cancer cases is currently declining when compared to the year before. This is mainly due to the improvement in screening, treatment and also cancer management. If you suspect that you are having cancer, it is best to immediately tell your doctor about it. This is very important because cancer takes time to grow. So, the faster you can detect it, the faster and easier it will be to manage your condition. Usually, the management for cancer can be through medication, surgery, radiation or any combination of these methods. If you are having cancer, it is very important for you to remain strong and determined. This is one of the most important aspects for you to do in order to fight against cancer. Know about our Hajj vaccination package.