July 19, 2024
Sleeping Pills

All You Need To Know About Sleeping Pills

As people find themselves increasingly pressed for time due to work, leisure, and family commitments, getting sufficient sleep has become a challenge. Advertisements for sleep aids are prevalent, promising a restful night’s sleep from the comfort of one’s own home. Millions of people now rely on over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids for a better night’s rest.

Used correctly, sleep aids can provide significant benefits for those struggling with poor sleep quality. However, the increased usage of these medications has also led to reports of abuse and negative side effects.

To better understand how sleep aids function within the brain and body, we sought expert opinions on the matter. We will discuss potential side effects, the risk of dependence, and other crucial information for those considering or currently using sleep aids.

If you want to buy the best sleeping pills UK then the following blog covers most of the widely-used sleep aids. However as always, it is essential to consult with your doctor before beginning any sleep aid regimen.

How Sleeping Pills Work?

All sleep aids affect the brain in a way that encourages drowsiness. Some medications are specifically designed for this purpose, while others have sedation as a secondary effect.

Research indicates that the efficacy of sleeping pills in enhancing sleep quality is relatively limited. Individuals who use sleep medications tend to fall asleep approximately eight to 20 minutes quicker compared to those who do not. On average, sleep aids may extend total sleep duration by around 35 minutes.

In general, it is advisable to use sleep aids for brief periods. They may be particularly beneficial during challenging life situations, such as experiencing a family loss or going through a marital separation, which may cause difficulty in falling asleep.

Commonly Prescribed Sleeping Pills

Among the latest advancements in sleep medications are the selective Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) drugs, which encompass:

  • Zolpidem tartrate (Ambien)
  • Zolpidem tartrate extended-release (Ambien CR)
  • Eszopiclone (Lunesta)
  • Zaleplon (Sonata)

These innovative sleep aids specifically act on GABA receptors within the brain, which play a crucial role in regulating our states of alertness and relaxation.

What sets selective GABA medications apart is their targeted action on a distinct subtype of GABA receptor, one that is primarily associated with facilitating sleep. This specificity allows for a more focused approach to inducing restorative slumber, providing patients with an effective solution for sleep-related concerns.

Sleeping Pills And Risk Of Dependence

Sleep medications, according to experts in the field, possess the inherent risk of fostering dependence. Dependence implies the inability to discontinue the medication without experiencing difficulties. In most instances, this dependence manifests psychologically.

As Erman notes, when individuals become accustomed to relying on sleep medications, discontinuing their use may result in heightened anxiety and sleep disturbances, even in the absence of physical dependence on the drug.

Should you suspect a dependence on sleep medications, it is crucial to consult with your healthcare provider. They will help address the issue and may recommend a consultation with a sleep specialist.

Benzodiazepines, when taken consistently, have the potential to induce physical tolerance, dependence, or even addiction. If you have been using these medications for an extended period, it is imperative not to cease their use suddenly. Instead, consult your healthcare provider to develop a safe and appropriate plan for discontinuation.

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