June 15, 2024
7 Disadvantages of Vape Pen Boxes that are harmful to youth

7 Disadvantages of Vape Pen Boxes that are harmful to youth

The vape pen is in the fashion these days. There is no denying it. The youth, in particular, is super attracted to vape pens and do consider them as an alternative to cigarettes.

Whatever the reason is, there are still some negative aspects of vape pens that affect health directly. As someone who deals in vape pen boxes, you already know about some of them.

How exactly does vape work?

Unlike cigarettes, the working mechanism of vape pens is quite complex. The pen produces an aerosol that the user inhales. The aerosol is generated by heating a liquid called the vape liquid. Now, the composition of the vape liquid depends upon the vape liquid you are getting in the first place.

Most vape liquids do contain nicotine, a primary source of addiction to drugs. The juice contains flavor that covers all the central fruits and natural food flavors, along with nicotine.

Pominent disadvantages of the vape pen boxes for the youth

Let’s dive into all the disadvantages that this packaging holds for the youth.

  • Vape and the youth psychology

It has now become the criteria for becoming cool. According to verified survey reports, they addict 68 million individuals around the globe to e-cigarettes or vape pens. The majority of these individuals are teenagers.

The very first image imposed by vape manufacturers was that of a cigarette alternative. They convinced the youth that it doesn’t affect their health like cigarettes. This is the primary reason why vaping has become so common in the youth along with Vape Pen Boxes. Plus, the vape boxes also play a vital role in boosting the so-called coolness.

  • The impact of Nicotine

Nicotine is an addictive drug, and there is no doubt about that. Most e-juice manufacturers claim that their nicotine is safe to intake. But that statement is not viable for an extended period. If you take nicotine even in smaller quantities, it will become addictive in the long run.

Getting a nicotine addiction at a young age can cause many mental and physical problems. Not any ordinary problems, but problems that will last for the rest of your life.

Vape pen boxes and mental health impact

Getting dependent on a drug is the worst-case scenario for a teenager. First, it is incredibly damaging to the overall physical health. But the most dangerous part of such an addiction is its impact on mental health.

Once you get addicted to a substance, you need to intake that substance in a particular quantity. With the daily dosage of custom vape pen boxes, your body will automatically rebel against you if you don’t do so. The brain will start sending mixed signals wanting to get that substance one way or the other. This can lead to symptoms like depression, insomnia, etc.

  • Aerosol Intake

The very first thing you need to understand is the aerosol is not water vapor. There is a massive difference between these two substances. Water vapors are natural pure H2O vapors that are safe to intake. On the other hand, the aerosol is loaded with harmful chemicals.

The most prominent such chemicals are nicotine, diacetyl, ultrafine, and even a tiny proportion of carcinogens. Long-term usage of vape pens can eventually cause some severe lung disorders. The claim that aerosol is safer than cigarette smoke is valid, but that doesn’t mean it is 100 percent safe for human health. Also, vape pen boxes USA can be attractive to the core.

  • Vape Flavors

The range of vape flavors is quite wide. Several substances come in the form of e-juice or vape flavors. The most common flavors are fruits, candy, mint, and menthol-based. The majority of vape pen users go with flavored juice.

Regulatory authorities are working tirelessly throughout the globe to make sure that e-juices are safe to intake. For instance, FDA has put a strict ban on the sale of pre-filled disposable vape pens. It is an approach to stop companies from selling expired vape juice to the youth under the banner of pre-filled cartridges.

  • Leading to a Dead-End

It is sad to see that majority of the vape pen users are cigarette smokers as well. Plus, the majority of the vape pen boxes wholesale are teenagers. According to experts, it is quite possible for a teenager who vapes to get a cigarette addiction in the future as well.

The National Academy of Medicine, USA, has conducted thorough and specific research on this topic alone. According to the academy, vape pens certainly increase the possibility of cigarette addiction in the future. The major reason behind this is nicotine addiction, a major component of a regular cigarette.

  • FDA warnings

FDA, in particular, has some serious doubts and concerns regarding the regularization of vape pens. But under the deeming rule, the authority has legalized the vape pen usage but with strict precautions. There are certain regulations set in this regard to keep minors away from this.

The FDA has the authority to implement specific manufacturing, distribution, and marketing regulations on vape pens. They gave the authority under the FSPTCA. So far, the FDA has put up some serious strategies in collaboration with global fellow authorities. The main target of these regulations is to raise the minimum legal purchase age.

What the future holds?

The world is still trying to figure out what exactly shall be done regarding vape pen usage. The major issue is underage vaping, which has serious consequences on the global youth health index.

The packaging and manufacturing agents throughout the globe are strictly forced to publish the cons of vaping. They directly engraved a warning like this on the packaging of a vape pen. Plus, these precautions are helping teenagers in particular to get more info regarding vaping and its impact on health.

Final Note

The world is now focusing on the vape pen boxes to use as a resource for educating the youth. Teenagers must be fully aware of the outcomes of vaping and its impact on physical and mental health.