May 23, 2024

5 Famous Filming Locations in Philly You Can Visit Today

Movies touch so many parts of our lives, with their quotes and characters living far past when the movie ends.  Fortunately, you can find touches of cinema magic in almost any city in the country!  

Philadelphia is no stranger to the silver screen and has been used for the backdrop of everything from incredible mysteries to action-packed movies and more.

These are the top landmarks in Philly that you can visit, and they were used as the filming location for at least one movie! 

Eastern State Penitentiary

Whether you want to learn the real and gruesome history, or you’re interested in checking out the countless locations that were used in movies like Transformers, 12 Monkeys, and Return to Paradise, you get the chance to enjoy something truly unique here.

This is a truly strange and interesting stop that only gets more interesting during the Halloween season when it turns into a ghost tour that shows you the full haunt.  The Eastern State Penitentiary might be the most interesting visit on this list! 

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

Three different movies were shot at this awesome restaurant!  Philadelphia, Jersey Girls, In Her Shoes, and many smaller productions were all filmed here.  It’s a scenic and welcoming location that offers the chance to purchase a tee or apron or try some incredible food.  This restaurant leans into its star factor while having a little bit of fun with it. 

Old Pine Church Graveyard

You may not think a graveyard is a great stop while you’re looking at houses for rent in Philadelphia, but this is a must-see destination!  This graveyard might not be the most famous movie backdrop, but it’s seen its share of stars!

Used in National Treasure, this is home to over 22 sea captains, 50 revolutionary soldiers, and countless others who were respectfully laid to rest.  This is an incredible place to feel the history of the space while also knowing it was an interesting filming location.  

Hard Rock Cafe

A Hard Rock Cafe is always fun, but it’s not always famous!  This Hard Rock Cafe was one of the film locations for Jersey Girl and is instantly recognizable.  Iconic and nonstop fun, this cafe has a lot to do and see while offering delicious drinks and food.  This is an awesome destination for anyone who wants to get to know the locals and cut loose a little.  

Philadelphia City Hall

Five different movies have the Philadelphia City Hall in them as their backdrops!  These range from Transformers to Revenge of the Fallen, Philadelphia, and also Blowout.  Open to tourism on weekdays, and it’s a fun stop to make if you love movies or if you simply love the look of gothic architecture.  This is a breathtaking building that will keep you intrigued until you’ve completed at least one tour.  

This City Is Home to Countless Star-Sightings!

Philadelphia is a city with a long history and incredible star status.  While you’re here, consider getting to know some of these historic and awesome destinations!