How to Replace 1 Hour of Running

7 things to help you burn as many calories as a run

 In conditions of self-isolation, when any activity on the street is prohibited, I want to keep my shape. In addition to exercising, how else can you burn calories if you are limited to your apartment or summer cottage?

There are a few simple things that can replace an hour of running. Or almost replace. Let’s clarify that we are talking about the equivalence of consumed calories and not about the benefits for muscles and joints.

The average person needs about 2,000 calories daily for women and 2,500 for men. This figure can vary by weight, climate, living conditions.

An hour of running at medium speed will burn approximately 600 calories. The more weight, the more calories we burn because the body makes additional efforts. Losing calories does not necessarily mean losing weight: you need a calorie deficit to lose weight, but in any case, exercise helps you avoid gaining excess weight.

According to several scientific studies, sometimes we spend those 600 calories without even knowing it. So what is it?

1.5 hours on an exercise bike = 1 hour of running

Riding a bike for an hour is 400 calories burned. Advantages? That one-and-a-half-hour bike ride can be your new way of getting to work. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly. Well, if you have your exercise bike at home, you are lucky.

10 minutes ice shower = 1 hour running

This technique is familiar to many athletes – an ice shower after a workout allows to increase muscle tone and achieve relief and burn excess calories. When warming up, the body uses up its reserves. Showering for three minutes at temperatures below 18 degrees will help you lose about 200 calories. Yes, this is the least enjoyable way. And only real heroes can withstand such a test. But we did not promise a fairy tale either.

2.5 hours of dancing = 1 hour of running

On average, an hour of dancing (excluding acrobatic rock and roll or flamenco) results in a loss of about 200 calories. So during a party or a concert, you burn calories too. And a day at a music festival is the equivalent of a good marathon.

1.5 hours of gardening = 1 hour of running

Digging, planting, weeding, lifting bags of black soil or fertilizers is a sport in itself. The body spends an average of 450 calories per hour of intensive gardening. Planting roses and strawberries are certainly more effective than planting aloe vera on a windowsill, but it is equally beneficial in combating stress.

2 hours of laughter = 1 hour of running

10 minutes of loud laughter burns 60 calories because our muscles (especially the abdominal muscles) are strongly contracted at this time. A great argument for watching a comedy show or your favourite comedy is good for your health and morale.

4 horror movies = 1 hour of running

Muscle contraction, adrenaline rush: a horror movie, according to a study by the University of Westminster in the UK, is equivalent to roughly 150 calories burned. A marathon of horror movies can replace an hour of running, provided that you really scared.

3 intercourses = 1 hour of running

“Sport for two” is not a myth. A Canadian study published in 2013 shows that having intercourse lasting about 25 minutes burns 200 calories. So if you make love three times a day, you can eat dessert with a clear conscience – your figure will not suffer. A significant advantage of this method: you do not need to spend money on sportswear and equipment.

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